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J.D. Markwardt

A simple man with simple pleasures.

I spend all of my free time with the girls in my life. That includes my beautiful and inspiring wife, Aimee; my beloved daughter, Bettie Anne; and my 1970 Volkswagen Bus, Donna (aka, Donnatella Blue Crush Tortuga Bush), and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have a laid-back but driven attitude, and I love to create. Beyond creating tattoos, I enjoy power lifting, woodworking, painting and pretty much anything I can craft with my hands. 



When it comes to creating your tattoo, I treat each project the same. I will take the time to sit and talk over your ideas and always be sure you leave the shop with every expectation filled or exceeded. I beleive in passing on a my positive and carefree attitude to each and every one of of my customers. 

Surfbilly Tattoo is about leaving a beautiful mark -- on your body and on the world.

My family, and my art, is how I will leave my mark.

What is your mark?


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