Own your body.

Leave your mark. 


"Surfbilly" is a blend between the surf and hillbilly cultures. It blends the attitude of a laid-back surfer, but with a fearless, rebellious, Rocky Mountain twist.


Our custom art studio offers a relaxed yet edgy atmosphere. Every tattoo here is drawn just for you, just for your unique body. You will never run into someone with the same mark. You will never see "flash" on the walls. 


In true Surfbilly style, our tattoo shop offers a unique fusion of creativity and precision. The studio is high-class, yet approachable. We aim to be the friendliest tattoo shop in the state. We pour our hearts into our art, and we are sure you will feel that as soon as you walk through the doors. 


Just look for the big blue octopus on the window -- and on our famous VW Bus.

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Tuesday to Saturday

noon-7 p.m. 

Officially by appointment.

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